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Free Christian Chat Rooms Christian Teens, Singles, 20+
Warning: We will turn over anyones ip and info regarding, if found to be
connecting here to solicit sex from minors. We will report any illegal
activities to your isp and proper authorities.

No Hate, Racism, Porn, Warez Channels or Warez activities.
Note: Making new channels is forbidden. Intentional Cloning is not allowed

No Posting Links without Permission.
-!- No advertising other Chat Networks, Chat Rooms or Instant Messengers. -!-
-!- No Phone Numbers – No Addresses. -!-

Do not Private Message anyone until you ask them first.
No flooding or spamming or any type of agrressive Bots.No continual CAPS.
No stalking, harassing or private Messaging anyone with anything inapproriate,
you will be perm banned from this network without further notice:
If found to be connecting here to cyber, stalk, harass or troll.

Remember this: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Chat here in a Christian manner, no lewd discussions on sex, Do not Flirt, or any topic
that would be detrimental to a Christian life.

The Network Staff will use discretion in ll matters. This Network is actively moderated
for your safety and protection, If you have any questions or comments
or need help with anything, that you may encounter while chatting here
then pm one of the Network Staff.

To report any sort of chatter abuse
Go Here to file a report Top Banner
Free Christian Chat Rooms

Free Christian Chat Rooms